Accusource PI

About Us

Accusource Investigations Founder

Accusource Investigations was created by Carl D. Lewis after several years of experience in both the private and government sectors.  Mr. Lewis spent four years serving his country as a Scout Sniper in the United States Marines Corps where he conducted thousands of hours of surveillance in both rural and urban environments.  After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Marines, Mr. Lewis began his career as a private investigator in Orlando, Florida.  In the private sector, Mr. Lewis has conducted various types of investigations throughout the United States and has been licensed in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and is still currently licensed in Florida.  Mr. Lewis also holds the professional designation of Fraud Claims Law Associate (FCLA) through the American Educational Institute, which focuses on the law of fraud claims investigation and defense as well as legal principles.  He has held a position as an operations manager with a national private investigations agency, and has also been tasked with sales and client development within the investigative industry.  Mr. Lewis personally manages all day to day operations at Accusource Investigations and is always available for consultation.

Accusource Investigations Staff

Accusource Investigations exclusively utilizes investigators with a high level of experience in the specific type of investigation they are expected to perform.  In order to work with our company, all investigators are required to undergo a strict background investigation in order to confirm their integrity and eligibility, and must demonstrate competence in investigative procedure as well as Florida Statutes governing the private investigative profession.  Our investigators possess a strong work ethic, a passion for our industry, and most importantly, a high level of integrity.

Accusource Investigations Equipment

Our investigators are not only required to have certain traits, but they are also equipped with the most up to date equipment in order to meet our client’s objectives.  Our investigators are also experts in the operation of their equipment, which allows our clients to receive the best possible results in any environment.  Our surveillance operatives use the most up to date high definition video capturing devices on the market, and possess a variety of covert applications for use in the many types of situations that could potentially arise on a surveillance operation.  At Accusource Investigations we understand that every case is unique and therefore may require specialized equipment or specific techniques to obtain results.  Just like our competitors, we possess the equipment to obtain results in nearly every situation, but we also employ creativity and initiative in the utilization of this equipment.

Accusource Investigations Technology

Our staff has access to several different proprietary databases in order to conduct research in a more efficient manner on our client’s cases.  Accusource Investigations also provides an online case management system for the benefit of our clients.  Referrals can be made directly into the system and photographs and documents can be directly uploaded by our clients in a very simple, easy to use manner.  Updates and other relevant documentation are posted into the system as the case proceeds, allowing the client the ability to be completely up to date on their case, 24 hours per day.  This allows our client’s the ability to make informed decisions more rapidly as their case progresses and when it is most convenient for them.  To request an account and make a referral, simply click on our Assign a Case tab at the bottom of this page to request your own login information so that you can make a referral or just call us a 352-383-3411 and speak to an Accusource Investigations representative.