Accusource PI

Activity Check Investigations

A very effective pre-surveillance tool that Accusource Investigations offers is our Activity Check Investigation.  Our activity check investigation begins with some database record searches and an internet profile search of the subject.  We then send a field investigator to the subject’s neighborhood to conduct a discreet canvass in an attempt to learn as much information as possible about the subject in order to determine if a full surveillance may be warranted or if there are any other areas of interest that may need further investigation.

This type of investigation is conducted with the utmost confidentiality and at no time will an Accusource Investigator utilize a technique that may possibly compromise the subject’s standing with his neighbors or violate his rights.  Our activity check investigations attempt to lend insight into the subject’s daily activities, physical capabilities and limitations and possibly their employment status.  We will make detailed observations about the subject’s residence and any items in view at the residence which may supplement information obtained during the neighborhood inquiries.  Additionally, our activity check investigation will include an assessment of the area that will give the client an idea of the layout of the neighborhood and what the probability of a successful surveillance would be in that neighborhood.  All intelligence gathered, including a photo of the subject’s residence, will be included in a detailed report for the client along with any video footage obtained while conducting the investigation.