Accusource PI

Investigations for the General Public

Accusource Investigations offers a variety of services to the general public including but not limited to infidelity investigations, cohabitation investigations and child custody investigations.

Do you think that your spouse is unfaithful and do you just have a “need to know” for your own state of mind?  We can provide assistance in these situations by conducting a variety of services, including surveillance, activity check investigations and possibly even background investigations.  We use the latest technology and database sources to assist us in obtaining results for our clients, and we are very sensitive to the extremely emotional nature of these types of situations.

Accusource Investigations can also offer support in the handling of cohabitation cases.  Does your ex-spouse have certain obligations to abide by as set forth in a divorce agreement?  Have they remarried or do they have someone currently living with them in violation of these agreements?  Surveillance and other tools, if used properly and in a manner that adheres to state and local laws, can have a direct impact on your ability to show that your ex-spouse is in violation of these legally binding agreements and can offer you the opportunity to make adjustments to these agreements.

We have also assisted some of our clients in their child custody cases and have been directly responsible for the client obtaining full custody of their children or grandchildren from unfit parents.  Do you believe that your ex-spouse has someone with a questionable background living in the same residence with your child or grandchild?  Is your ex-spouse in direct violation of court orders on who can be around your child or grandchild?  Surveillance, background investigations and records searches, as well as neighborhood canvasses and activity check investigations are very effective tools to aid in child custody cases.

We can deal with our clients directly or with their attorneys to coordinate the best possible approach to whatever situation that they may be dealing with.