Accusource PI

Recorded Statements

Depending on the client’s preference, Accusource Investigations can conduct a thorough and in depth interview in person or over the telephone.  All laws are followed in the recording of statements and all interviewees are dealt with in an extremely professional manner.  Our investigators are also able to obtain written statements, declarations and affidavits.

Accusource Investigations will locate witnesses if necessary, make contact with them in order to set up a convenient time to take their statement, and will provide a comprehensive report covering all contacts with the witnesses and a summary of all information obtained in their recorded statements.  An audio copy of the recorded statement will be provided to the client along with this report.  We understand that there is no “standard questionnaire” that can be applied to all interviewees and that each statement is different.  We have the experience and expertise to  take appropriate statements from injured workers, claimants, and witnesses to all types of incidents.