Accusource PI


Accusource Investigation’s specialty is surveillance!   Our investigative team has several years of experience conducting surveillance all over the world and we are experts at planning and conducting both rural and urban surveillance operations.

Upon intake of your surveillance request, we assess your goals and objectives and formulate a plan to obtain maximum results.  Preliminary work is performed in-house prior to an investigator going into the field.  We have access to several different database sources and we search several online sources of information including social media sites in order to gain as much information as possible about the subject of the surveillance prior to conducting the actual physical surveillance.

After the subject of the surveillance has been thoroughly researched, the plan is put into action.

Our surveillance investigators are equipped with the latest technology to allow them to obtain results in virtually any environment.  ALL subject activity is documented on videotape with the latest video capture devices and our investigators have the ability to obtain video inside of public locations as well with the use of covert video capture devices.  Our clients remain updated throughout this process via our secure online case management program, which can be accessed 24 hours per day.

Once the surveillance has been completed, a detailed report of the entire surveillance is provided that includes embedded still images from the video documentation that was obtained.  We also provide a complete copy of all video that was obtained on DVD and we retain all evidence in case it may be needed for future reference.

We conduct surveillance in relation to insurance defense claims, infidelity cases and cohabitation issues as well as employee integrity and safety issues.  We also have the ability to conduct extended surveillance on clinics in support of potentially fraudulent insurance claims.